Past Funded Projects

30th April 2020

noahs ark laptopOn the 30th April 2020 we were able to donate £5,000 to the Noah's Ark Charity so that they could buy laptops for the children confined to hospital during the pandemic to use to communicate with their families.

Giraffe Baby Resuscitation Unit

untitled.png1This is the Giraffe Baby Resuscitation unit that we were lucky enough to afford to donate to the Children's Hospital of Wales.

IMG_1344This is us outside one of the two rooms we have been able to help fund at the Children's hospital of Wales, and also us with members of the Noah's Ark Charity presenting our cheque from the charityLyn Jones chairman of the Noahs Ark Appeal, Paul Lesley and Paula, at the cheque presentation.hospitalcath2

tyhafan playgroundWe were delighted to have been able to send a donation of £5,000 towards the building of the new playground at Ty-Hafan Children's hospice.

robsartttWe have made some donations to the charity who are doing a fabulous job by funding research into the dreadful cancer desmoplatic round cell sarcoma that claimed the the young lives of both Chloe Bigmore and their son Robert Holland